People the heartbeat of sustainable advantage

  People the heartbeat of sustainable advantage


Lecture 1 - Introduction

This video:

  • explains why I have created this course;
  • contextualises the course relative to my other courses on business strategy;
  • briefly introduces the content of the course.

Lecture 2 - Competitive advantage explained

In this class you will become familiar with the concept of competitive advantage and two basic strategies employed to achieve it. This video also introduces you to the different components of a unique value proposition, and explains how you can develop one.

Lecture 3 - Sustainability of your competitive advantage

The transition from an industrial economy to an innovation economy shifts the sustainability of your competitive advantage from your tangible resources onto your intangible resources. In this video you'll learn how common practices such as ‘reverse engineering’ impact upon the sustainability of your advantage.

Lecture 4 - Compliance and technical knowledge

Compliance in the workforce has long been the dream of the industrialist. A compliant workforce guarantees efficiency in the factory. It also turns employees into cogs in the system; cogs that can be replaced at any time. This lecture highlights the downside of having a workforce that is compliant but not engaged.

Lecture 5 - What is missing in the workforce?

Using Zappos (online shoe and clothing shop) as an example, this video explains what the industrial workforce lacks for it to become a source of sustainable advantage: a culture.

Lecture 6 - Culture: the social dimension of competitive advantage

This video explains the role that culture plays in transforming employees from cogs in a system to active participants contributing to the success of an organisation. This video introduces the concept of culture as a connective social tissue aligning the work of employees towards a common end.

Lecture 7 - The human gifts of creativity, passion and initiative

This video illustrates the difference between the routine, daily work of employees and their ability to deliver exceptional work. Exceptional work occurs when employees bring to bear their creativity, passion and initiative at work every day.

Lecture 8 - Leadership today: embracing the human gifts of your people

What is the role of the leader in creating an organisation inspiring its employees to perform exceptional work? This video highlights the characteristics of the 21st century leader.

Lecture 9 - Conclusion

This lesson is a quick recap of the concepts, ideas and examples introduced in the course. The lesson connects the work of the leader to the sustainability of the competitive advantage of his/her organisation. In a world where technology is replacing human beings and their work, leadership has become the last source of the sustainability of your advantage.

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