Design Thinking Process

  Module 1 - Design Thinking Project Warm up
  Module 2 - Design Thinking Project Plans
  Module 3 - Observation

Assessing the Design Opportunity

This first video will guide you in assessing the Design Opportunity for your project. Read the full Blog post here.

The Assessing the design Opportunity template asks you six questions: 

1) Is your project human-centred? In other words, a deep understanding of the people (users) is essential to the success of the project.

2) What’s the level of the understanding of the problem? Do you understand your customer's problem? Do you need to explore it further?

3) What’s the level of the uncertainty of the project? Are there many unknowns? Is past data able to help us?

4) What’s the degree of complexity? Are there many interconnected facets of the problem? Is it hard to understand where to start?

5) Is there available data? Is the current set of available information consistent and reliable for our project? Do you need to create new data?

6) What’s the current offer? What is the current solution to the problem you are trying to frame better, and solve?